FAA 245

Ranco Construction provided all necessary material, skilled labor, equipment/tools, supervision, and Quality Control (QC) to construct a single-story pre-engineered structure totaling about 10,000 gross square feet at the FAA Tech Center in Pomona, New Jersey. The work included HVAC, electrical, fire suppression, fire alarm/security, and plumbing. New electric service, lockers and pad mounted transformer. Installation of new medium voltage cabling, manholes, new 750KVA pad mounted transformer; two (2) new K13 transformers; installation of 12’x12’x8” concrete pads; removal and replacement of electric service to Building #2; a new 600 Amp distribution panel, three (3) new branch panel boards, eighty-four (84) new LED light fixtures; installation of 6000SF of 2×2 ceiling grid; installation of thirty (30) 20 Amp quad duplex outlets; installation of new fiber and data cables, a new fire alarm system, new electric feeder for HVAC systems/condensers, installation of eight (8) new ground rods, and full lightning protection for the entire building. All electrical work included installation of conduits, junction boxes, wire straps, outlets and switches.

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