Bldg 403 Firehouse Repair, and AQRC039064 – Bldg 403 Firehouse Addition

This project included removal of existing partitions, exterior bearing walls, roofing systems, finishes, acoustical ceiling tile and suspension systems and electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems.
Shoring of existing steel joists. Installation of new structural steel and joist systems.
Construction of new GWB and CMU partitions, acoustical ceiling tile ceiling and suspension system, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. Cutting of existing floor slab for plumbing work and installation of new reinforced concrete footings for new reinforced concrete foundation walls. Construction of new CMU bearing walls with EIFS. Construction of new toilets and locker rooms complete with finishes, fixtures, accessories and toilet partitions.
Construction of new roofing and insulation systems. Infilling of existing site and construction of new site paving, curbs, utility connections and drainage systems. Installation of new HVAC, electrical and fire protection systems for existing building and additions.

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