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Ranco Construction has been in business for over 39 years and as a General & Electrical Contractor The Ranco team has extensive experience with federal, state county and municipal design build projects. Our list of accomplishments is ever-growing, below are past projects we have completed.

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Dispensary/Health Clinic and General Instruction Building (MED/GIB)

Completion Date: 10/31/18

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Owner: New Jersey National Guard
Contract Amount: $9,361,343.00
Construction of new fully functional 21,356 SF facility that includes: multi-purpose training areas, publication storage, reproduction areas, physical fitness area, medical exam and specialized treatment rooms, administrative spaces and suites, toilets, break and vending areas, lounge, supply and storage areas, and bulding circulation. Site work consisted of selective demolition, flexible pavement for parking, access roadways, sidewalks, curbs, landscaping and exterior patio areas, a loading platform, exterior lighting, new utilities, fencing and antiterrorism/force protect (AT/FP) meausures.  Project had a LEED requirement of Silver Certification rating 


Building 3322 for Cyber Squadron Project, New Jersey Air National Guard, JBMDL, NJ

Completion Date: 10/31/18

Owner: New Jersey Air National Guard
Contract Amount: $2,968,120.00
This project consisted of renovation of existing warehouse to administrative space for a beddown Cyber Operations Squadron, to include area for Sensitive Compartmented Information facility (SCIF).Repairs of HVAC and electrical systems to accommodate increased load from communications equipment. Install infrastructure to support new communications equipment. Repair existing warehouse floor for Security Force Storage. Repair original hangar door for warehouse operations and energy conservation.

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National Guard Construction of Power Plant Building Joint Base McGuire-Dix Lakehurst, NJ

Completion Date: 09/30/18

Owner: New Jersey Army National Guard
Contract Amount: $2,192,778.92
National Guard Construction of Power Plant- Construction of a new complete and fully functional modern Power Plant Building (PPB) that provides a modern facility supporting the overall Sea Girt National Guard Training Center (NGTC) Installation for the New Jersey Army National Guard. The new facility includes: Electrical Room (for stand-by generators), and building circulation. Building mechanical, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, structural, architectural, site/civil, and fire protection systems and equipment shall also be provided as part of the facility. 


Burlington County Adult Detention Center Vehicle Sallyport , Mt Holly, NJ

Completion Date: 11/30/15

Owner: Burlington County Adult Detention Center
Contract Amount: $2,358,000.00
Project consists of phased demolition and reconstruction/construction of selected architectural, detention, electronic security, structural steel, mechanical, electrical, plumbing elements for the Adult Detention Center , along with modifications to utilities and the addition of appurtenances required for all systems. Demolition of site paving and relocation of site features. Improvements to existing electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire protection equipment including construction of new services and modifications to existing services. Construction of new temporary Sallyport, construction of new Intake Sallyport addition to the existing detention center consisting of concrete slab on grade and masonry bearing walls and partitions. Building exterior consists of brick masonry with cast stone accessories and built up roof. Interior consists of finishes and related construction, detention hollow metal doors, frame and lites including security glazing and electronic door control systems, security barrier grilles, detention furnishings and equipment, casework, metal and gypsum security ceilings, epoxy flooring, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection and security electronics including communication, control and monitoring capabilities.

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Burlington KIA Dealership, Burlington Township, NJ

Completion Date: 11/30/15

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Owner: Burlington KIA Dealership, Wayne Heilman, CEO 
Contract Price: $5,258,755.00
This project consisted of a complete renovation & design of a 32,000 SF 2-Story KIA Dealership located in Burlington Township, NJ. This project involved multiple design reviews and inspections to ensure the project met the specific requirements set forth in the franchise aggreement.  Ranco worked witht all parties involved and switched over the interior lighting to LED to substanstially lower overall costs for owner.  Site work was required with this project that included tree clearing, demolition of an exisiting building, removal of parking lot on the property and a complete redesign of the storm water and utilities.  The building included a large showroom area, customer lounge, individual sales and manager offices, a second-floor mezzanine break room with full kithchen, service bays with lift and equipment, service write up area, parts counter and storage, rest rooms,locker rooms and a detail bay. Exterior elements included an extensive parking area for inventory, service, employee and customer parking with fully lit exterior utilizing LED lighting and exterior metal panel system and signage. 



Human Services Facility, HVAC Upgrades & Related Electrical & Misc. Work

Completion Date: 07/30/13

Owner: Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders
Contract Amount: $5,782,609.84
Human Services Facility, Burlington County-The work included renovation of 30,000 SF to include selective demolition, miscellaneous steel framing and supports, carpentry, ceiling work, HVAC system replacement,electrical lighting and power, new fire alarm system, signage and related work.  The building remained occupied throughout the construction period. Ranco Construction manintained all occupied spaces properly conditioned and otherwise code compliant. 


DESIGN-BUILD Controlled Humidity Storage, Fort Dix, NJ

Completion Date: 11/30/07

Owner: Department of the Army and the Air Force
Contract Amount: $8,565,000.00
Construction of a 60,600sf new controlled humidity storage facility and administrative area for the Army Reserve. Added on additional 7,200 square foot warehouse. The new design was based on a similar controlled humidity warehouse project designed for the U. S. Army Reserves at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, Mississippi. 


AMWC/VQ ADMIN– Building No. 5652, Fort Dix, NJ

Completion Date: 11/30/05

Department of the Army
Contract Amount: $4,515,000.00
Renovation of existing 34,000 Square Foot three story Building. Work consists of demolition of entire building. Installation of new walls, floors, ceiling finishes; new HVAC system, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, communications, fire detection and suppression system upgrade; new roof; new interior lighting; new windows and doors; upgrade of latrines; new water line and storm drainage; new stairwells and landscaping.


TBL3 Satellite Training Facility- Fort Dix , NJ

Completion Date: 11/30/03

Owner: Army and Air National Guard
Contract Amount: $9,217,400.00
New State of the Art 64,000 Square Foot addition to the TBL3 Battle Field (Interior). Work consisted of site work, demolition, and new fire hydrant loop around building. New parking lot and landscaping package. Six (6) new auditoriums 50'x150', 3 bay tank maintenance rooms, 4 each night vision battle rooms, mountain range training room, urban area training room, desert area training room and a woodland training room, all set up with fiber optic lighting. Custom murals and artificial trees, plants, etc. New electrical service, lights, gear panels, Fiber Optic Simulated Stars, brick, new HVAC, new plumbing, 4 new gang bathrooms, structural steel frame, façade, new windows, hot asphalt roof, new structural steel roof, carpet, VCT and ceramic floors. This project involved construction of concrete masonry block buildings on concrete slabs and foundations.


Mount Laurel Fire House, Mt. Laurel, NJ

Completion Date: 07/30/95

Owner: Mount Laurel Fire Commission
Contract Amount: $995,205.00
Construction of new 3-story structural steel fire station with masonry infill, new elevator, electric, plumbing, HVAC, parking lot and site restoration.


Mount Laurel Police Building, Mt. Laurel, NJ

Completion Date: 04/30/95

Owner: Mount Laurel Township
Contract Amount: $1,192,000.00
Construction of new 16,000 square foot addition to an existing masonry building. New HVAC, electric and plumbing. New parking lot, landscaping and outside generator.

I like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Ranco and Ranco's sub-contractors on an extraordinary job.


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