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Job Name: FY18 Aircraft Apron, Taxiway & Support Facilities
Contract No. W912DS-18-B-0035
Bid Due Date: 01/22/19
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The Marine concrete parking apron will be expanded to accommodate additional aircraft parking and taxiway. The expansion will require demolition of an ordinance berm, portions of the deflector wall and chain link security fence. A new berm will be built and re-sited as part of this scope. A new 1,500 square foot storage building will be constructed along with installation of the associated utilities. The building will have a standing seam metal roof, brick veneer, steel decking. The project also includes an addition to the existing hangar area, and minor repairs and renovation work within the existing hangar areas. The expansion of the apron will require the removal & relocation of an asphalt parking lot (over 250 spaces), apron and the old storage building. The storage building to be demolished contained hazardous material within & appropriate measures will be taken during removal.


Entire project from start to finish went smoothly; was well run by the Ranco team.


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